Speech of the Dean:

The institute is located at 1 Al Mathaf  Al Zerai street, Agouzah, Giza governorate. It was opened in 1954, as a laboratory for insects extermination department in the Ministry of Health and Population. Then in 1961 the institute has developed into the Research Institute of Medical Entomology and was enrolled in the General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes 1970 is the only institute among Arabian countries which is specialized in the study of arthropod-borne diseases, their preventive measures, and their control. It is considered one of the global research centers which were chosen by WHO for the training of workers in the field of vector control in Egypt and  Arabian countries.

The institute administration is looking forward to being a pioneer in the field of preventive medicine and controlling the transmission of arthropod borne diseases in Egypt.


                                                         Institute Dean

                                                           Dr. Fatma Refaat