Microbiology and Immunology Unit

Epidemiology Department includes parasitology, microbiology laboratories and clinic.

The department is concerned with the arthropods born diseases; the patristic diseases such as malaria, leishmaniasis …etc. and viral diseases such as dengue fever rift valley fever, etc.


The vision of the Microbiology and Immunology Unit:

The unit is the safety valve and the sensitive antenna for the prediction of emerging or re-emerging the arthropod-borne

diseases after eradication. Also preparedness, control, and management of all upcoming related health crises. 



The Microbiology and Immunology unit tasks are:

1- Bacterial, viral, serological, and immunological laboratory tests 

2- Studying the situation of the hot spots by regular surveys, discovering the new cases, and prompt treatment.

3- Collaboration with the institute departments for planning integrated eradication and control programs for the arthropods born diseases including rapid diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of cases plus eradication of the vectors.