Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Upcoming and future department:

 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Department, MBBD:

It includes molecular biology, biotechnology, scorpion rearing, and poison extraction laboratories.

Vision and future mission of the department:

MBBD represents the source  and reference of morphometric and phylogenetic classified arthropods  and the pathogens in

 Egypt and the Middle East. Performance of all tests required for evaluating the natural biological products and venoms.

Supplying and supporting the scientific research in Egypt and the world.


 Future mission and tasks:

 - Classifying all medical arthropods morphometry and

 genetically for being a reference in Egypt and the world.

-Identifying  genetically arboviruses, parasites, microorganisms and pathogens transmitted by arthropods

 in Egypt.

-Classifying and identifying the rodent species found

 in Egypt genetically.

-Establishing the phylogenetic trees for all vectors, rodents, and pathogens transmitted by arthropods for studying the related characteristics and their insisters.