Toxicology Research Department


Toxicology research department is one of the most important departments in the Research Institute of Medical Entomology, as it contains many different devices that are used in various fields such as health, agriculture and industry, as well as they are used in the field of scientific research.

Mission and activities of the department:
1- The department provides the service of various analyzes and measurements, such as measuring the concentration of the active substance in pesticides for some governmental and private companies and agencies.

2-The department carries out various scientific research and projects, especially those related to toxins and their effect on vital organs.

3- The department provides a service of various analyzes and measurements for postgraduate students in universities and research centers. **The department, in cooperation with the rest of the institute’s departments, develops a summer training plan for students of various colleges (such as the College of Science and Agriculture).

4- The department has a modern system for measuring and analyzing mycotic, clinical and environmental toxins, in order to assess the risks of these toxins.

5- Evaluation of some plant extracts as natural pesticides to reduce the risks of using chemical pesticides.
6- The department organizes scientific forums and periodic seminars to identify the different types of toxins, their risks, symptoms of poisoning, and how to avoid this injury, and show the new researches of the department.

7- Measuring the content of toxins and heavy metals in water, food and soil.

8- Spread awareness and knowledge by publishing a periodical publication of the most important results obtained from the ongoing research in the department to benefit from them at all levels. 

9-Concluding cooperation protocols with different universities to exchange knowledge and improve the education system and community service. 

Department devices

1-High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

2-Thin layer chromatography instrument (TLC) 

3-Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS)