Medical Education and Training Department




Medical education in Egypt has gone through many curves and changes during the past decades. Then comes the assignment stage, where the doctor was assigned to practice the profession without making sure of his competence to meet emergency situations or ascertaining his level in treating patients. However, in the past years, the general tendency of the state to invest in health service providers has been crowned by the initiative of His Excellency the President, and this initiative depends on restructuring the medical education system in Egypt according to the latest international standards.

The Hospital’s Health Training Department supervises the implementation and development of training programs in general and sub-specialties that comply with local and international accreditation standards. Where training varies between internship students, resident representatives, fellowship doctors, and even specialists and consultants, through seminars, scientific lectures, training workshops and joining the Egyptian Fellowship Program, which makes this opportunity unique as it allows the beneficiary to equip the beneficiary with modern technological skills and knowledge, and achieve higher A level of medical and health quality.