Vector Control Services

contract with the following entities

- 7 hospitls belonged to the General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes

- Three companies

- 10 private buildings

2021 Monthly Scientific Days

Twelve Monthly Scientific Days were conducted during 2021 by the professors of the institute and the scientific centers


2021 Training courses


· Four summer training courses were carried out for training undergraduates of faculties of Science and Agriculture.

· One training course in biological tests of pesticides and vector control 

· Three doctors have successfully passed the Egyptian  Clinical Schoolers Research Training  ECSRT, Harvard University.

Selling identified and classified medical insects

 4000 identified and classified mosquitos; 2000 larvae and 2000 adult stages have been sold during 2021

Scientific Research

Diagnosis of filarial cases and followup till complete recovery, Mass drug Adminstration of all inhabitants two villages (30000 persons) in Manshiat Al Qanater with colaboration of WHO and MOH&P