Research Institute of Medical Entomology (RIME) is one of three important centers specialized in medical entomology and arthropods transmitted diseases in the Middle East. So the general vision of the the institute is being the antenna and safety valve for prediction and alert emergence or reemergence of diseases or their vectors and preparedness for controlling or eradicating them.

RIME represents the source of research concerned with arthropod-borne diseases and reference of morphometric and phylogenetic classified arthropods and the pathogens in Egypt and the Middle East.

Performance of all tests of current or patent pesticides.

Rearing sensitive generation to pesticides in lab especially the rare species of insects for supplying and supporting the scientific research in Egypt and the world.



The institute departments tasks are:

1- Planning integrated eradication and control programs for the arthropods born diseases including rapid diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of cases plus eradication of the vectors.

2- Microbial and parasitic laboratory tests especially malaria and filarial tests for suspected and neighborhood of confirmed cases.

3- Entomological survey covering the country especially the endemic foci for detecting densities of different species of medical importance as mosquitos, flies, fleas, lice, ticks, bed bugs, sand flies.   

4-  Quantitative and qualitative composition on diseases transmitted by arthropods in different seasons all over the year.

5-  Studying the densities of various species of rodents found all over the country.