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This feature is supported by the Phantom 4 RTK (remote controller with screen), Phantom 4 Pro V2.0+, and Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 only . R package Drone Software Development to analyze orthomosaic images from agricultural field trials. Drones and robots capture data on your behalf, safely and accurately.
Drone Software
Use any modern drone to capture high-resolution imagery where and when you need it. Immediately after the flight in the field, process images on your laptop and perform drone analytics on your natural-color, thermal infrared, or multispectral datasets. A natural drawback of using QGIS for drone mapping is that it cannot process the data collected by the drone. This means that you will need to process the images using a separate program first before the spatial data can be exported and analyzed using QGIS.

Powering Drone Data


  • DJI Terra is 3D model reconstruction software that has photogrammetry as its core technology.
  • Onboard video processing of H264 and H265 codecs allows for video resolution and FPS changes on the fly, reducing data consumption.
  • In turn, this saves processing time and improves efficiency, while generating a clearer model or point cloud, and completing the large-scale block reconstruction and montage.
  • It also enables a drone to make decisions and execute tasks without human intervention, such as last mile delivery.

FlightHub 2 is an all-in-one cloud-based drone operations management platform that helps you achieve comprehensive, real-time situational awareness. The next step in drone programming, software simulation, helps identify bugs and validate complex autonomous flight algorithms. Simulation environments such as Gazebo®, Cuboid World, and Unreal Engine® are used to test the drone software in a virtual environment tailored for the test cases. Skydio autonomously navigates places other tools can’t, capturing high-resolution imagery to generate accurate digital twins.


It is versatile, fairly easy to use, and has an active community of users who would be happy to lend you a hand. It deals purely with data and does not interface with a drone at all. If you’re thinking of creating automated flight missions, you will need to look for a separate software solution. With planning and data analysis in mind, good software is an essential tool in drone mapping.

Collect drone data using Site Scan Flight LE or any third-party drone data collection app. The primary advantage of Pix4Dcapture is that it can be used with non-DJI drones. This app has a fairly extensive list of compatible drones including a few from Yuneec and Parrot. However, you might have compatibility problems if you’re using a fairly new drone model. No matter how complex the data requirements, see why global customers choose Skycatch solutions for repeatability, high accuracy and speed. Enjoy the freedom to export to a wide variety of file types to analyze maps with ease.
Hammer Missions allow you to capture every solar row individually allowing for greater detail in your solar inspections. Terrain models are perfect for discovering high and low points of an area and for quickly identifying any potential drainage problems that may arise. The new name of Sentera’s agriculture software – FieldAgent Platform – better reflects our software’s broad range of capabilities and breakthrough analytics that are helping … Drone operators that run through their pre-flight checklist often struggle with the weather check. Weather conditions, especially winds, are one of the strongest external factors that challenge drone …

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Drone programming is the development of software that enables drones to fly autonomously with self-awareness and situational awareness. It also enables a drone to make decisions and execute tasks without human intervention, such as last mile delivery. Skydio 3D Scan photogrammetry compatibility lets you use leading third-party photogrammetry software to create 3D models, exporting high-quality scan photos with full metadata. The capability to process 6,000 images per 1 GB of free memory is based on the test results using aerial photographic data with 80% frontal overlap, 70% side overlap, top-down shooting, and GPS information.

A groundbreaking aerial survey solution that takes automation and data utilization to a whole new level, delivering unparalleled cost benefits and efficiency to mapping professionals. Open your project easily in ArcGIS Pro to use a range of tools such as advanced spatial, temporal, and spectral analysis and data management. If you have ever looked at the prices of commercial mapping software, you probably already know that they can be very expensive.
Drone Software
This is where setting realistic expectations come in – these programs and applications are free but they may not be as capable, updated, or user-friendly as those that are paid. QGIS is an excellent GIS platform for individuals and businesses who are on a budget. Despite being free to use, it is considered one of the best and most widely used GIS platforms today. It will not provide a solution for drone mapping on its own, but it complements just about any other drone mapping software perfectly. A major limitation of GS Pro is that it’s a platform that is made only for flight planning and flight data management. If you need to generate maps from your data, then you will have to look for another program.
Drone Software
If you’re looking for a way to show anomalies, trends, and results with greater precision than ever before, this is it. Similar to Pix4Dmapper Pro in the function and process of getting from images to maps, Pix4Dbim is uniquely created for mapping in the construction industry. Pix4Dbim generates accurate and georeferenced 2D and 3D models that can be accessed on a collaborative cloud-based platform. All outputs can be downloaded and imported into other CAD/BIM applications for further analysis. Incorporate POS data, GCPs, or both sets of data to create georeferenced maps and models with enhanced accuracy directly in the target coordinate system required by the project. Convert the coordinates of your maps and models into 8500+ major coordinate systems by simply selecting the output that fits your needs.

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